About us



The profile of the brand LANZAROTE BOULEVARD is focused on the craft, creating design products with an authentic and unique character, using traditional resources of Lanzarote in an innovative way. The brand represents the handmade spirit, making unique pieces taking care of all the details in each of them. LZ-BL evokes a way of life, that is why each product has the literary cliché CARPE DIEM engraved on it, which invites us to live every moment to the fullest.

One of the fundamental values of the brand is the respect to diversity, proposing jewellery and perfumes without gender so that we can all feel included, as well as the respect for the environment, using recycled components in most of its products. LANZAROTE BOULEVARD is committed to an art direction that fundamentally connects us to Lanzarote and represents the island with a sustainable and quality product.

Production and artistic direction: GIANNINI-DAFONSECA

Artistic Biography

GianninidaFonseca · Retro Design, was born in Lanzarote in 2013 from the collaboration between Nicola Giannini, graduate in Art History at the University of Bologna, and Gabriel da Fonseca, graduate in the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, both interested in craftsmanship and design. Together they develop a line of handcrafted products within the trend known as Retrofuturism, which covers many art disciplines, such as cinema, literature and fashion. Their products are born out of a passion for traditional craftsmanship merged with contemporary design.

Multifaceted, dreamy and contemporary, such are the products of GianninidaFonseca, approaching craftsmanship with a sensitivity that is both old and new.

Punta Mujeres, Lanzarote